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Glass Buildings


locating sources of the goods and services your company needs.


identifying the best  suppliers for those goods.


All inter-connected activities from manufacturer to point-of-consumption.


Our facilities, staff and bespoke product development systems have allowed us to become supply chain specialists. Our team manages and tracks every order, from concept to completion, mitigating risk and achieving prices and products that our clients would have difficulty in obtaining for themselves.

Service Road Map

  1. Getting a thorough knowledge and understanding of the product or service required.    

  2. The identification of single or multiple suppliers.

  3. Supplier communication: requests for quotation, references and samples.           

  4. Supplier negotiation: price, availability, customization and delivery schedules.

  5. Supplier management: quality control at source and standard operating procedures.

  6. Our objective is ensuring the best possible cost to meet your needs in terms of quality, quantity, time, and location.

Markets of Specialisation

By leveraging of the intellectual capital of Hurugo, Hurugo designs, develops, executes, manages and controls end-to-end activities for our clients. 

Our 3 Focuses

  • Food and beverages

  • Hard goods or durable goods: appliances, electronics, furniture, containers.

  • Soft goods or consumables: clothing, footwear, cosmetics, stationery.

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