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Abstract Background

Rethinking Procurement in the Era of Globalisation

Globalization has resulted in the progressive dismantling of trade barriers, emphasizing the need for companies to compete effectively in open markets not only for business but also for supplies and suppliers. As companies seek worldwide sourcing and distributing products in multiple markets, they require extensive sophisticated operational and logistics solutions across geographies.

Hurugo is a specialist international trade services business with an extensive network throughout Asia, Europe, United States and Africa. It’s strategic global partnerships and associations, focus on facilitating and managing the sourcing and procurement process of a company, incorporating the continuous improvement and re-evaluation of the purchasing activities of that company.

As an addition, Hurugo is focused in building out a selection of brands with the goal of becoming a globally renowned product developer. Quality remains our priority as add new items to our own house brands. 

21 Years of Building Relationships

Developing international purchasing strategies involving dramatic price reductions, quality and delivery enhancements, improved cycle times, increased responsiveness to customers, and much improved cash flows.


Effectively supporting their globalisation process, enabling companies to pursue internationalisation strategies for their purchase management.

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